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Intermountain Crane Specialties has a crane rental service with NCCCO certified operators, a crane inspection service and a complete repair shop for heavy equipment repairs. We have over 28 years of experience lifting vaults and cell tower construction. We service all of Idaho with the main office at 3532 North Black Butte Ct, Nampa, Idaho. Phone: 208-465-5552

ISE Crane Rental Services for Sandpoint, ID.

We can help with our NCCCO certified operators or just rent the crane. There are 28 ton to 40 ton cranes to pick from. We are familiar with cell tower construction.

Crane Inspection Service in Sandpoint, ID.

We perform crane inspections all over Idaho.

Ground Engaging Tools for Sandpoint, ID.

We have a full shop to fix ground augers or replace auger teeth. Backhoe and bucket teeth are also available.